Research Fellow Programme of Sala Traju

Research Fellow Programme


Sala Traju Association is an association assembling national and international jurists with an objective to participate progressively and immensely the development of legal study and legal research in Cambodia. Pursuant to the above object, the Association has organised the Research Fellow Programme providing opportunity for national and international research fellows and law students who have a strong commitment, an intention to share and gain research experiences in law area.

Roles and Responsibilities of Research Fellows

Research Fellows of Sala Traju Association have roles and responsibilities as follow:

Qualifications of Research Fellow

There are two series of Research Fellows which are Senior Research Fellow and Junior Research Fellow. The qualifications for both Research Fellows are as the following:

1). Senior Research Fellow:

2). Junior Research Fellow:

Required Documents:

Applicants, who intend to apply as a Research Fellow, shall submit the application documents to​; or to the office at #31C, St.222, Sangket Boeng Reang, Khan Daun Penh, Phnom Penh Capital, with the following documents:

Date of Submission

Applicants are welcome to apply as Research Fellow in Sala Traju Association at any time without deadline.

For further information, please contact e-mail:; or come to office at #31C St.222, Sangket Boeng Reang, Khan Daun Penh, Phnom Penh Capital.